self storage facilities in Kent

Castles can offer you a variety of storage solutions for you, during the process of your removal. Castles Storage based in East Kent is fully aware that storage may be a requirement for a period prior to collection or delivery. Secure, short term or long term storage can be provided by Castles.

The warehouse is specially designed for containerised storage to minimise handling and to keep your goods clean, dry and secure.

At point of collection a detailed inventory describing content and condition of your consignment will be produced and a copy left with you. The majority of items in your home will fit in our standard units, however oversized items such as ladders, carpets and large sofas may be stored separately.

Castles are able to collect your belongings from your home and load them into our specially designed storage containers. On arrival at our warehouse, the containers are mechanically handled into their storage space. In most cases these containers will not be opened again until they arrive at your new home.

Decluttering Service
Some of our customers, who are looking to sell their homes are making use of our de-cluttering service. By decluttering you could save on your removal cost because you will be charged for the volume we remove. You should decide on what you need to Keep, Sell, Donate and Throw away. Once you have decided on what you wish to keep, we will come along to you home and collect your excess items and place them in our secure storage warehouse. This will give your home a more spacious look and in turn make it easier to sell. When your house is sold and we remove your effects to your new property we can either deliver the goods from store same day or some time after the moving day, when you have settled in.

If you wish to use our Self Store option, you can de-clutter your home yourself and place the goods into one of our Self Store units, these are household, garden, sports or office use..

self storage

Castles Self Storage
Castles also operate a Self Storage units at it’s site in Deal. We have units of various sizes. Companies and the public like to use the units to store shop stock, out out of seasons items, or items for their children.

Self Store units are ideal if you are De-cluttering your home before putting in on the market for sale.

Holdover Service
Castles can also offer a “Holdover Service”. This is where we can load your belongings a day or two prior to the day of completion and then make delivery to your new home the a day or so after completion.

This service helps stop the anxiety of waiting for keys, or worrying about being clear of your present house on time. Is also allows for some decoration or immediate repairs to your new home to take place before you have your belongings delivered.

This service is different to normal storage and is only for a short period. Please ask for a quotation for this service if you feel this would benefit you during your move.